The British Colonial project

shamed the Gaels, give up your indigenous ways, savages

dancing, singing, speaking, acknowledging — SHAMED

And when they left the part that they left needed a master to manage the shame.

We tied our Gaelic spirits so tightly to the catholic soul, impossible to tell the difference.

And the shame about why WE were never good enough for the Brits could be quelled if you live by the Father, son and the Holy Ghost.





well, we will hide your shame, bury it

starve it, bash it, bully it, work it,

And sometimes…

The problem with being proudly Irish but ignoring race

I haven’t lived in Ireland for over 10 years. I have spent that time living, working, studying and loving in Aotearoa New Zealand -a bicultural country with a multicultural society. Culture and race ( the good stuff and the awful stuff) is embedded in everything and audible from every one. I expect it is something more at the forefront of life here than it was as home until very recently.

In the time I have been away Ireland has changed dramatically. Marriage Equality and the Repeal Campaign leapfrogged Ireland into a…

Who am I — Cé hé mise— Ko wai au?

Context is everything so here is mine

Kia Ora, I am Aoife, an Irish woman living in Aotearoa New Zealand for over 10 years. I am an Ordinary Bean.

Bean is the Irish word for woman. It sounds like man but with a b not mean with a b as it would in English.

This project is named after the song ‘An Ordinary Man’ by Irish singer, national treasure and suspected grumpy old man Christy Moore. The song is about a working class man, his family and the scourge of capitalism.Check it out here-

I am passionate about leaving the world better than we found it and here is where I write about that.

Sin sin — that’s that.

Mind yourself,


My turangawaewae ( the place where my feet are in the ground) — Cork, Ireland

An Ordinary Bean

Welcome to the Ordinary Bean Project……..a writing project by me, Aoife Healy, an ordinary bean from Cork, living in Aotearoa

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